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Histories of the Algerian War

Stora Benjamin

   The feeling that arises today in connection with the Algerian war in both countries is the feeling of leaving the state of oblivion. This relates to the historical study of the subject. Firstly there has been a study of memory. It was an object of big importance because only the conscious appropriation of memory in its various versions allows to recognize past as the past, i.e. not to consider it to be the present. And in this sense, the work of the historian on Algerian subject not deprived of certain cathartic effect. This difficult analysis allows us to see how acts, on the one hand, the memory, and on the other – forgetting; on the one hand, knowledge, and on the other ignorance; how can coexist simultaneously common history and refusal to recognize the other.

Keywords: France, Algeria, historiography, the Algerian War.
Link: Stora B. Histories of the Algerian War // Annuaire d'études françaises 2014, tome 2: La France et l'Orient / Annual of French Studies 2014, volume 2 : France and Orient.М. P. 318-322.