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About France and French studies. Interview with Pavel Uvarov (On the 65th anniversary of his birth)

Kushch Tatiana

It is an interview with Pavel Uvarov, a well-known historian, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the Department of Western European Middle Ages and Early Modern Period of the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, taken on his 65th birthday. P. Uvarov talks about choosing a profession, his studying at the university, his formation as a medievalist, voyages to France and work in French archives. The first topic of his scientific research was the history of the University of Paris, the study of which later led him to investigate the broader problem of the social stratification of French society at the beginning of the Ancient Regime. One of the main topics of research interest for P. Uvarov is the modern historiography of the history of France. The interview focuses on the analysis of the peculiarity of French studies in Russia and France, the characteristics of the corporation of medievalists, the influence of French historiography on historical studies in Russia.

Keywords: Pavel Uvarov, France, The Middle Ages, French studies, early modern period, historiography
Link: Kushch T. About France and French studies. Interview with Pavel Uvarov (On the 65th anniversary of his birth) // Annual of French Studies 2021: Epidemics in the history of France.М. P. 448-474.

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