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The Napoleonic Wars in the Context of Global History (Around the new book by Alexander Mikaberidze)

Zemtzov Vladimir

The publication is a detailed review of Alexander Mikaberidze's work "The Napoleonic Wars: a Global History", published in 2020. Despite the attempts of a number of researchers to touch on the course of events outside Europe during the Napoleonic Wars, the book is the most convincing example of a global picture of this era. At the same time, the author does not dispute the opinion that the Napoleonic Wars can be written in a longer era, often called the "Second Hundred Years 'War", which began with the Glorious Revolution of 1688/89 and ended in 1815. This circumstance makes A. Mikaberidze shift his attention from the short-term to the long-term consequences of the Napoleonic Wars. He states that the results of these wars led to the entry of Britain into the classic period of its imperial domination, the United States began to turn into the most important factor in world politics and world development, the collapse of the Spanish Empire and the formation of independent states in Latin America, the redistribution of power fields in the Near and Middle East, and Russia not only managed to achieve short-term dominance in European affairs, but also intensified its imperial policy. Eventually, there was a "discovery" of China and Japan. The most important consequence was the end of the industrial revolution in Britain and the implementation of serious social changes in many countries of Europe and the world. A. Mikaberidze's research has significantly intensified scientific discussions around the nature and extent of the impact of the Napoleonic Wars on world processes.

Keywords: Napoleonic Wars, global history, A. Mikaberidze, British imperialism, French imperialism
Link: Zemtzov V. The Napoleonic Wars in the Context of Global History (Around the new book by Alexander Mikaberidze) // Annual of French Studies 2021: Epidemics in the history of France.М. P. 279-289.

The study was carried out with the financial support of the Russian Science Foundation, project No. 20-18-00113.


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