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«Our friend Soboul». On the book by Varoujean Poghosyan

Bovykin Dmitry

The book «Albert Soboul's Correspondence with the Soviet Historians» by Varoujean Poghosyan allows us to take a fresh look at the professional and friendly relations between the French and the Soviet historians from the 1950s up to 1980s. The letters to Ya.M. Zaher, A.V. Ado, B.F. Porshnev, A.Z. Manfred, V.P. Volgine, E.A. Kosminsky, V.S. Lublinsky and V.A. Poghosyan himself give us the opportunity to trace the evolution and nuances of Soboul's relationship with his Soviet colleagues. They discuss joint publishing projects, research trips, publications in domestic and foreign press, achievements and drawbacks of their colleagues.

Keywords: French Revolution of the XVIII century, A. Soboul, Ya.M. Zaher, A.Z. Manfred, historiography, modern history
Link: Bovykin D. «Our friend Soboul». On the book by Varoujean Poghosyan // Annual of French Studies 2019: The era of Napoleon and her memory.М. P. 496-506.