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The second youth of the Annual of French Studies

Bovykin Dmitry

With the sixtieth anniversary approaching of the "Annual French Studies", D. Bovykin, its deputy editor-in-chief, drew attention to the main features of this international review and reveals the continuity between the old version of the journal, which had been published until 1990, and the new one that was revived in 2000. The author states that the most important attribute of the "Annual French Studies" distinguishing it from other historical journals and almanacs is a harmonious combination of traditions and innovations, such as the deepest respect for the achievements of Russian historiography and, at the same time, its utter openness to the latest trends of the world humanities studies.

Keywords: Annual French Studies, Russian historiography, history of France
Link: Bovykin D. The second youth of the Annual of French Studies // Annual of French Studies 2018: Cross-cultural contacts during foreign occupation.М. P. 5-9.