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The French Revolution in Nowadays Russian School Textbooks

Bovykin Dmitry

   The author examines how the history of the French Revolution is presented in modern Russian textbooks, and how these interpretations correlate to the current state of the correspondent academic studies. The author comes to the sad conclusion that a huge conceptual gap between the educational literature for schools and the works of professional historians of the French Revolution, which had stated even in the 1980's., increased further. Except some school textbooks written by university professors, the most of such editions are full of various anachronisms and factual errors caused by a lack of knowledge of the modern academic literature on the subject. 

Keywords: the history of the modern period, France, the French revolution of the XVIII century, textbooks.
Link: Bovykin D. The French Revolution in Nowadays Russian School Textbooks // Annuaire d'études françaises 2014, tome 1: La vie de la cour en France de Charlemagne jusqu'à Louis XIV / Annual of French Studies 2014, volume 1 : The Court Life in France from Charlemagne till Louis XIV.М. P. 340-360.