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Undeservedly forgotten writing: on the French edition of the book by Semyon Falkner

Zaytseva Daria

The article is a review of the translation of the monograph "Paper Money of the French Revolution" of the Russian economist Semyon Falkner. Thanks to the efforts of a team of French researchers - S. Aberdam, L. Després, A. Berelowitch and others - this work, first published in Russia in 1919, became available to French-speaking readers and a century later found its second life. Falkner's writing is devoted to the history of French assignats during the Revolution. The author studied the prerequisites for the introduction of paper money, considered a number of problems faced by the authorities in connection with the introduction of a new means of payment, analyzed the mechanism of displacing the coin by the assignat, and also assessed the reasons for the elimination of paper money circulation in France. In addition, in his monograph, Falkner paid special attention to the study of hyperinflation in the revolutionary era, its causes and consequences.

Keywords: Falkner, French Revolution, historiography, assignat
Link: Zaytseva D. Undeservedly forgotten writing: on the French edition of the book by Semyon Falkner // Annual of French Studies 2021. Т. 54: Epidemics in the history of France.М. P. 392-397.

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