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«The dark legend» of J.-L. Tallien

Zaytseva Daria

Jean-Lambert Tallien was a French politician of the revolutionary period who first attacked Robespierre on 9 Thermidor Year II. His personality almost did not attract the attention of historians, but in the researches of the majority of historians who concerned his activity, a negative image of Tallien was formed. Such odious things as corruption, participation in September massacre and in Quiberon bloody slaughter were incriminated to him. The author of this article analyses the main works of historians concerning Tallien, and reveals the origins of the «dark legend» formed around him.

Keywords: The French Revolution of the XVIII century, J.-L. Tallien, historiography
Link: Zaytseva D. «The dark legend» of J.-L. Tallien // Annual of French Studies 2018: Cross-cultural contacts during foreign occupation.М. P. 464-475.