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The life and revolution. Interview with Claude Mazauric

Tchoudinov Alexander

In the introductory article the author narrates about his meetings with famous researcher of the French revolution, and the prominent activist of the French Communist party in the past, Claude Mazauric, emphasizing that despite their differences in the estimates of the French revolution, the personality and political position of this historian had always induced in him a deep respect and admiration. According to the author, Claude Mazauric is, undoubtedly, a man of the twentieth century, a bygone "age of heroes", when the left were really left and the right were really right, and it was impossible to confuse them, unlike the present politicians. Claude Mazauric himself narrates in the interview about his life, about those outstanding historians with whom he worked, and evaluate the current situation in the French and Russian historiography of the French Revolution.

Keywords: historiography, the French Revolution, Claude Mazauric, Albert Soboul, François Furet
Link: Tchoudinov A. The life and revolution. Interview with Claude Mazauric // Annual of French Studies 2018: Cross-cultural contacts during foreign occupation.М. P. 396-424.