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The French Counter-Revolution: view from the 21th century

Gladyshev Andrey

   The history of the counter-revolution in the 18th century France looked for a long time like a poor “stepdaughter” against a lot of researches on the French Revolution itself. The recent work by Dmitry Bovykin allows to fill in a great measure this gap of historiography and simultaneously gives prospects for new reflections on the phenomenon of counter-revolution. The author of the article underlined the need for more terminological certainty, for further semantic analysis of such concepts as “royalists”, “constitutional monarchists”, “anti-revolution”, for tracing the stages of ideological evolution of royalists and emphasizing the personal factor in their relationship. Nevertheless he acknowledges the undoubted merit of Bovykin’s study revising a number of established clichés of historiography.

Keywords: history, French Revolution, foreign intervention, counter-revolution, Revolutionary wars, Louis ХVIII, Dmitry Bovykin
Link: Gladyshev A. The French Counter-Revolution: view from the 21th century // Annual of French Studies 2017: France and the Mediterranean in Modern and Contemporary Times.М. P. 406-420.