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On the Soviet Historian M.D. Bushmakin

Poghosyan Varoujean

  The name of Mikhail Bushmakin (1882-1962), a historian from the Kazan University, got in the 1930s the wide international renown after he published a review of Soviet historical literature on the coup of the 9 Thermidor in the French journal of Albert Mathiez Annales historiques de la Revolution française, that gave an occasion for an acute ideological discussion between Soviet historians of the circle of N.M. Lukin and Mathiez. The author publishes a biographical note on M.D. Bushmakin, written in 1990 by his former colleague Vasili Ado at the request of Vladimir Dunaevsky and conserved in the personal archive of the latter. The document contains interesting details about the scientific and pedagogical activities of M.D. Bushmakin, about the sharp criticism that he was subjected by Kazan historians for the publication of his article in France, and the information about his personality.

Keywords: M.D. Bushmakin, French Revolution, history, historiography
Link: Poghosyan V. On the Soviet Historian M.D. Bushmakin // Annual of French Studies 2017: France and the Mediterranean in Modern and Contemporary Times.М. P. 370-384.