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Franco-Libyan relations during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy

Krivenkova Olga

  The article is devoted to the transformation of the Franco-Libyan relations during the presidency of neo-gaullist Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012). The author examines the factors that influenced the intensification of the France-Libya cooperation in the economic, military and energy sectors in 2007, and analyzes why the French efforts to establish a productive dialogue with the Libyan government did not get further development, and the Franco-Libyan partnership began to phase down in 2008-2009. In addition, the article shows the role of Nicolas Sarkozy in solving the Libyan crisis (2011), when massive anti-government protests in Libya escalated into the civil war between forces loyal to Gaddafi and those opposed to his regime. The author investigates the reasons of France’s intervention in the Libyan conflict as part of international military operation and French support of Libyan interim government, formed by anti-Gaddafi forces, – the National Transitional Council. The article also deals with the attitude of French public towards the changes of French policy in Libya during 2007-2012.

Keywords: France, Libya, N. Sarkozy, M. Gaddafi, “the Arab spring”
Link: Krivenkova O. Franco-Libyan relations during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy // Annual of French Studies 2017: France and the Mediterranean in Modern and Contemporary Times.М. P. 275-296.