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France and South Mediterranean countries

Zueva Kira

  The article is devoted to the examination of relations between France and South Mediterranean countries – Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. These countries are the part of the region which has strategic importance for France. Now its relations with former colonies are complicated. The cause is difficult internal situation, especially in Algeria and Tunisia and the competition between USA, China, Germany and Spain in this region. The article examines the problems of the migration and the terrorism which are the permanent topic of the bilateral France – South Mediterranean countries relation. France cooperates with these countries in multilateral organizations. The Francophonie as system of measures to spread French culture, language and democratic values abroad holds one of the key position in the foreign policy of the French Republic. Despite certain difficulties France remains the important economic and political partner of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco now.

Keywords: France, South Mediterranean countries, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, migration, terrorism, Islam, Francophonie
Link: Zueva K. France and South Mediterranean countries // Annual of French Studies 2017: France and the Mediterranean in Modern and Contemporary Times.М. P. 251-274.