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The Policy of July Monarchy in Mediterranean

Tanshina Natalya

   The Mediterranean area had a great importance for the foreign policy of the July Monarchy 1830-1848, that was caused by the stable and enduring interests of France in this region. The policy of king Louis-Philippe in the Mediterranean included such aspects as the war in Algeria and Morocco; the preservation and increasing of French influence in Egypt and Syria during the Eastern crisis; intervention in the internal affairs of Spain in the context of the Carlist wars and the Franco-British rivalry for supremacy in the Peninsula; the strengthening of the position of France in the Italian States, primarily in Piedmont and Naples.

Keywords: Mediterranean, July Monarchy, Alger, Eastern crisis, Carlist wars, «Spanish marriages», F. Guizot, Louis-Philippe, «European concert»
Link: Tanshina N. The Policy of July Monarchy in Mediterranean // Annual of French Studies 2017: France and the Mediterranean in Modern and Contemporary Times.М. P. 162-187.