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Establishment of French military mission in Morocco (XIX c.)

Orlov Vladimir

   The article is focused on methods and principles, which organized activities of French military instructors in Morocco, as well as historical, cultural and diplomatic background of military reforms in this country. Presenting as example the professional efforts and accomplishments of the French military mission, the author explores the ways of involvement of sherifian sultanate into the sphere of predominance of metropolitan powers. Much attention is paid to the competition of European governments in the field of military education and technical support of sultan’s army transformations. Different approaches to military reforms of sultans Mawlay Hassan (1873–1894) and Mawlay Abd al-Aziz (1894–1908), formulated in the milieu of Moroccan theologians-ulama, are also covered in the article.  

Keywords: Morocco, France, modernization, military reforms, Alawi sultanate, foreign missions
Link: Orlov V. Establishment of French military mission in Morocco (XIX c.) // Annual of French Studies 2017: France and the Mediterranean in Modern and Contemporary Times.М. P. 230-250.