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Political projects of the French emigrants in 1792-1795

Serguienko Vladislava

   Admirers of the British constitution, led by Mounier, Lally-Tolendal, Malouet, Clermont-Tonnerre, the very first moderates, the monarchiens (as the opponents called them) dominated the National Assembly’s constitutional committee during the summer 1789. They believed that the democratic principle of an elective National Assembly should be balanced by the second chamber or Senate. They also raised the problem of the prerogatives of the executive the legislative power that still remains vital nowadays. In 1792 they became opposed to the revolutionary regime. Their struggle can be considered as one of the key elements to understand the emigration ideology. Though they didn’t succeed in putting an end to the revolutionary movement in France and getting the support of the English government, their projects played an important role in the preparation of the restoration of the monarchy in 1814.

Keywords: the French Revolution, counter-revolution, emigration, political thought, monarchiens.
Link: Serguienko V. Political projects of the French emigrants in 1792-1795 // Annuaire d'études françaises 2016: Les révoltes à l'époque de la Révolution française et du Premier Empire / Annual of French Studies 2016: The Popular Insurrections in the Age of the French Revolution and the First Empire.М. P. 109-124.