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Public space in Paris of Thermidorian period

Zaytseva Daria

   The article, basing upon the analysis of daily reports of police agents, which published by French historian François Victor Alphonse Aulard at the end of the XIXth century, describes the characteristics of public space in Thermidorian Paris. Particularly the author analyzes the principal topics of conversations in the most popular public places of Paris - the cafes and the theatres. Moreover this paper analyzes how the important social and political events were affecting the topics of discussions.

Keywords: French revolution of XVIIIth century, Thermidorian period, public space.
Link: Zaytseva D. Public space in Paris of Thermidorian period // Annuaire d'études françaises 2015: 225ème anniversaire de la Revolution française de 1789 / Annual of French Studies 2015 : 225th Annuversary of the French Revolution.М. P. 226-239.