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Among Historians (on the book of VaroujeanPoghosyan)

Namazova Alla

   The review of Alla Namazova is on the collection of articles of Varoujean Poghosyan “Among the Historians” (Yerevan, 2011), which is on the Soviet (Victor Daline, Abgar Ioannissian, GuennadiKoutcherenko, Eugenie Tarlé), French (Jacques Godechot) and contemporary Russian historians of the French revolution of the 18th century. She paid her attention principally on the interpretations of the author on the life and scientific activity of Daline and Koutchertenko. According to her opinion, Poghosyan is a very devoted historian to the memory of his predecessors.

Keywords: Soviet historiography, French historiography.
Link: Namazova A. Among Historians (on the book of VaroujeanPoghosyan) // Annuaire d'études françaises 2013: "La campagne russe" de Napoléon : événements, images, mémoire / Annual of French Studies 2013, The Russian campaign of Napoleon : events, images, memory.М. P. 358-362.