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The Echo of royalism in Journal de l'Empire

Mitrofanov Andrei

   In his article the author analyses some publications of the newspaper Journal de l’Empire in 1806-1814 dedicated to French political emigration. Despite the long-lasting studies of the emigration, the history of the oppositional movements in post-revolutionary press didn’t attract attention of scientists. The newspaper was chosen not only because it was the most popular one, but also in the light of the fact that many of the editorial stuff were confident supporters of the monarchy restoration. Although the newspaper didn’t consider the threat of the Bourbon Restoration as something real, many of the prominent emigrants were referred as private persons only or subjects of other European monarchies. Publication examples about the royalist emigration and the House of Bourbon show that Napoleonic censorship in some cases allowed alternative opinions without closing the newspaper. Based on the content of the newspaper it is possible to assert that in 1813-1814 the appearance of royalists in official French press as coalition-members was incomplete.The author comes to conclusion that this fact considerably affected the popularity growth of the Bourbons in 1814.

Keywords: history, Napoleonic Empire, the press, royalists.
Link: Mitrofanov A. The Echo of royalism in Journal de l'Empire // Annuaire d'études françaises 2013: "La campagne russe" de Napoléon : événements, images, mémoire / Annual of French Studies 2013, The Russian campaign of Napoleon : events, images, memory.М. P. 144-161.